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If you want to learn more about House Rabbit Resource Network, you're in the right place. The House Rabbit Resource Network is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to improving the lives of domestic rabbits through rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, and education.

2019 Stats

Rabbits Found Their Forever Homes in 2019
Rabbit Came into the HRRN Shelter in 2019
Rabbits were Spayed/Neutered in 2019
Rabbits Had Major, Life-savings Surgeries (Over $1,000) in 2019

2018 Stats

Rabbits Found Their Forever Homes in 2018
Rabbit Came into the HRRN Shelter in 2018
Rabbits were Spayed/Neutered in 2018
Rabbits Had Major, Life-savings Surgeries (Over $1,000) in 2018
About Us House Rabbit Resource Network

Our Mission

House Rabbit Resource Network is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization located near Austin, Texas, and we are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of all the domestic rabbits. We rescue rabbits that have been abandoned, neglected, and/or surrendered by individuals or at surrounding county animal shelters such as Austin Animal Center.

We strive to educate the general public about caring for companion rabbits as house pets (keeping them indoors, habitat and exercise requirements, etc.) and promoting spay/neutering of all house rabbits.

We are also a network of house-rabbit enthusiasts who help each other with information, support, outreach and camaraderie. “Your friends may tire of your endless rabbit tales, but we won’t!”

We're Here to Help

We advocate:

  • Responsible rabbit caretaking. Rabbits are intelligent, social companion animals that require mental stimulation, exercise and social interaction.
  • Housing rabbits indoors.
  • Spaying and neutering to promote a long, healthy and happy life for your rabbit. In addition, altering helps reduce overpopulation and the needless suffering and many deaths that result from too few homes. We urge people to take their rabbits to rabbit-savvy veterinarians to receive proper and correct care. 

We find rabbits to be rewarding, engaging companions. We want others to share the joys and avoid the common pitfalls of sharing life with a house rabbit.

About Us House Rabbit Resource Network

Our story

It all started back in the early 1990’s when one of our founders and active board member, Theresa, discovered her love for rabbits while volunteering for the Humane Society in Austin.

One day, while Theresa was volunteering at Austin Humane Society (AHS), a rabbit came into the shelter and she was smitten by the sweet and adorable creature. But Theresa soon felt overwhelmed with sadness when she came to find out that due to overcrowding, and being harder to adopt out then a dog or a cat, AHS protocol normally would just euthanize rabbits and other small animals that were brought in or surrendered to them.

(We would like to note that AHS no longer has this protocol and works tirelessly to get all animals adopted from their facility). 

House Rabbit Resource Network was born not long after that. Founded in 1993, HRRN worked as a foster-based rescue, meaning that the only way we could take rabbits in was if our volunteers had space to keep the rabbits in their private homes. And while we saved many rabbits as a foster-based rescue, not having a main shelter severely limited the number of rabbits we could save at one time.

In 2009, we opened our rabbit-only, no-kill shelter in Pflugerville, TX! Our shelter was recently renovated in 2018 and allows us to house up to 200 rabbits of all sizes, breeds and medical needs while they wait for their forever homes. Along with the shelter space, we have a dedicated HRRN Event Center and our Bunny Boutique Shop.

Our Event Center is where we host our fundraising events such as Bunny Yoga, Painting with a Hop, Bunny Spa Day, and other fun events that help benefit the shelter.

Our Bunny Boutique Shop is where the public can shop for hay, pellets, litter, habitat accessories, toys and anything else you may need for your rabbit companions. All proceeds from the Bunny Boutique go directly back to helping the shelter and our bunnies. 

Today, we have over 150 volunteers tirelessly working to run the shelter and ensure all of our rabbits are exceptionally cared for and loved while they stay with us. We have an amazing rabbit community that happily welcomes anyone who wants to learn about house rabbits and the support that comes from a variety of bunny-owners from all walks of life.

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