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Rehome/Surrender Options for Your Rabbit

Whatever the reason for needing to rehome/surrender your rabbit, it is your responsibility as their caretaker to ensure they go to a good new home.

This page will cover general rehoming and surrendering options for your rabbit. 

For those who live in Central Texas, House Rabbit Resource Network does take owner surrendered rabbits. You can learn more about HRRN’s recommendations and protocols lower down on this page.

HRRN Shelter Buns Shortcake and Blackberry


Did you adopt your rabbit(s) from House Rabbit Resource Network?

Whether 2 days ago or 15 years ago, if you adopted a rabbit(s) from HRRN, we will take them back!

No matter the reason, if you can no longer care for your HRRN adopted rabbit, please email us at and we will set up a time for you to surrender them to the shelter. 

Under no circumstance should you rehome an adopted HRRN rabbit yourself to anyone. Per your contract with us, the rabbit must be returned to us.

Rehome My Rabbit

Rehome/Surrender Options Your Rabbit

To House Rabbit Resource Network:

House Rabbit Resource Network does accept owner surrendered rabbits. However, our intake waitlist normally ranges anywhere from 2 to 12 months. 

Our Surrender Fee is $75 per rabbit. This helps us pay for their initial vet visit and spay/neuter surgery. If you have multiple rabbits let us know and we may be able to alter the intake fee. 

If you are able to keep the rabbit and wait for a spot at HRRN’s shelter to open up, then please email us or message us on Facebook requesting to be placed on our intake waitlist. 

To Austin Animal Center (for Travis County Residents):

If you’re unable to wait for a spot to open up at HRRN, we recommend reaching out to Austin Animal Center. HRRN works hand in hand with AAC and they will take the rabbit for free, and try and adopt them out there. If after some time the rabbit is not adopted from AAC, they will send the rabbit to us once we have space. 

To Another Central Texas County Shelter:

If you do not live in Travis county, reach out to us via email or Facebook and let us know which county you live in, and we can let you know if we work with your county’s local shelter and if its safe to surrender your rabbit there.

To Another Rabbit Rescue:

There are a few other rabbit rescues in the state of Texas that you can reach out to to see if they have space. In the Dallas/Fort Worth Area is The Bunny Burrow and North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary. The Houston Area is covered by Bunny Buddies. 

For a National List of rabbit rescues, visit House Rabbit Society’s website and few the right side of the homepage and look up rescue’s by state.

To a Private Individual:

If you prefer to try and rehome your rabbit privately, we recommend checking out Austin Pet’s Alive PASS Facebook group. It is a rehoming site that is better regulated than sites such as Craigslist. However, we still recommend that no matter what platform you try and rehome your rabbit, that you ask for a rehoming fee of some sort. This helps weed out some of the people looking around for free animals such as rabbits to do bad things with them. Also, if the person can’t afford a $25 or $50 rehome fee, can they really offer your rabbit a good home?

Rehome My Rabbit

Common Reasons People Surrender/Rehome Rabbits and Solutions:


The number one reason for adoption fails here at the rescue is hay and rabbit allergies. They bring bunny home, and suddenly they can’t stop sneezing, sniffling, and itching. Hay and Rabbit allergies are in the top 10 overall reasons for owner surrenders at our shelter. The thing is, swapping hay types could fix about 95% of these cases because it’s not usually the actual rabbit that people are allergic to. It’s the timothy hay!

We’re not blaming those who have given a rabbit up because they felt it was better for their health. That’s a personal choice, and it is the easiest way to stop the allergic reaction by just removing all possible triggers.

However, this can be an absolutely heartbreaking decision to many who depend on their rabbit companion and want to try all the options before surrendering their friend.

For those who want to try all the options before getting rid of their rabbit due to allergies, check out our Rabbits & Allergies page where we discuss the different allergies associated with caring for a rabbit. We also provide solutions you can try that have worked for many people with similar problems.

Rabbit Behavior Problems

Most first-time rabbit caretakers are under the impression that rabbits are easy, docile pets. Many others simply believe rabbits are void of any personality at all. Oh, are they wrong! It doesn’t take long for those ideas to dissolve once bunny gets home. Once a rabbit begins to feel comfortable, the true nature of their diva-hood emerges.

And that’s not a bad thing! We love our rabbits because of their fantastic, unique, and many times hilarious personalities. But, many rabbits are naturally more troublesome and naughty than their humans were prepared for.

Some rabbit behaviors are normal, some are easily corrected, and others are actually warning signs that something is wrong with rabbit. Check out our Rabbit Behavior Problems and Solutions Page for the most common behaviors, and what they may mean.