Rojo’s Fund is in honor of a brave little bunny who came to House Rabbit Resource Network with abscesses on all 4 feet, bad teeth and severely malnourished.

On October 2, 2014, Rojo hopped over Rainbow Bridge after succumbing to a brain infection. He had 18 months of love from all the volunteers at HRRN, and made many new friends through his Facebook page.

About Rojo's Medical Fund

Rojo’s Medical Fund was created on November 2, 2014 in honor of the brave little bunny that touched all of our hearts. This fund lives on to provide medical care and attention for all the severely injured and mistreated rabbits that come to HRRN. From broken legs needing amputation, to teeth needing removed because they’re causing abscesses, Rojo’s Medical Fund saves the lives of so many rabbits who come into our care in desperate need of expensive, and many times extensive, medical care. 

Lower down on this page you will find the recipients of Rojo’s Medical Fund. Without this fund, these rabbits would not have been able to receive the necessary medical care that they needed. 

If you would like to honor Rojo’s life with a contribution to the Rojo’s Medical Fund, please click the button below. 

Recipient's of Rojo's Medical Fund

Thanks to our generous supporters, Rojo's Medical Fund is able to give rabbits in serious need of medical treatment, surgery, or amputations a chance at a new life. Browse our Medical Bunnies below, all recipients of Rojo's Medical Fund. Without it, they wouldn't have gotten this second chance at a new and better life. 

Special Note: We’ve included every rabbit that has  benefitted from the funds donated to Rojo’s Medical Fund. This being a medical fund, many of the rabbits treated were very sick or injured upon intake. Sadly, not all make it, even with all the medical care we provide them. This is the painful reality of rescue work. But, for whatever amount of time these rabbits were with us, they mattered. They were loved. And they deserve to be remembered just like all the others who did heal from their conditions. So their names are posted here as well. Some passed from cancer, some from post surgery complications, and others from difficult medical conditions like liver torsion. They will always be remembered.


Griffin-Still undergoing treatment.

Paradise -Adopted in 2021

Chili -Passed Away

Rue -Adopted in 2020

Josie -Adopted in 2021

Regina George -Passed Away

Cashmir -Passed Away

Zelda -Passed Away

Ginger Ale -Still undergoing treatment

Orson -Adopted in 2021

Kilauea –Available for Adoption

Oslo -Adopted in 2020


Fable –Available for Adoption

Lulu -Adopted in 2020

Austin Powers -Still undergoing treatment

Walter -Still undergoing treatment

Bob Marley -Still undergoing treatment

Kix -Adopted in 2020

Sugar Smack-Adopted in 2020

Nova -Adopted in 2020 

Kelp -Adopted in 2020

Hopper BT -Adopted in 2021

Doodle -Passed Away

Baby Shark -Adopted in 2020

Oboe -Adopted in 2020

Emma -Passed Away

Mr Darcy -Adopted in 2020

Bugsy -Adopted in 2020

Audrey -Adopted in 2021

Dasher -Adopted in 2020

Mystery -Adopted in 2020

Riddle -Passed Away

Fir -Passed Away

Cora –Available for Adoption

Gunter -Passed Away

Sega -Adopted in 2020

Nola –Available for Adoption


Yang -Adopted in 2020

Fluff Muffin -Adopted in 2019

Hawi -Adopted in 2020

Mr. Mister- Passed Away

Echo -Adopted in 2019

Clove-Adopted in 2019

Miley C.-Bonded with Montana and available for adoption

Ryo-Ohki-Adopted in 2020

Mo- Adopted in 2020

Bilbo Baggins -Passed Away

Aspen -Bonded with Alpine and will soon be available for adoption

Cloud 9-Passed Away

Calico -Adopted in 2019

Thor -Adopted in 2019

Arya -Adopted in 2019

Uhura -Passed Away

Guinevere -Adopted in 2019

Daisie -Adopted in 2020

Wilson -Passed Away

Star -Adopted in 2019

Mary Hoppins -Adopted in 2019

Natasha -Adopted in 2020

Turner -Adopted in 2019

Falls -Adopted in 2019

Wembley-Adopted in 2020

Zaisie -Adopted in 2019

Frou Frou -Passed Away



Olaf -Adopted in 2019

Spike -Adopted in 2020

Maximiliana -Passed Away

Bitsy- Adopted in 2019

Imelda -Adopted in 2019

Hoptimus Prime -Adopted in 2020

Kimber -Adopted in 2020

Plum -Adopted in 2019

Harley Quinn -Will be available for adoption soon

Barley -Adopted in 2020

Belle -Adopted in 2020

Dasher- Adopted in 2020

White Sox -Adopted in 2019



Mojo -Adopted in 2018

Miley C. -Bonded with Montana and still available for adoption.

Pippa -Adopted in 2019

Shemar -Adopted in 2018

Champ -Adopted in 2018

Layce -Adopted in 2021

Talula -Adopted in 2018

Bunilla Ice -Adopted in 2018

Jenny -Adopted on 2018

Meadow -Adopted in 2019